Granite in all forms

Looking for a renowned granite supplier for your architectural projects?
Want to work with a supplier that can meet your technical challenges in terms of quality or precision?
Have to deal with tight deadlines?
Have your own plant and want to buy granite blocks or slabs for your projects?

A. Lacroix Granit, your high-quality guarantee for perfectly cut granite, marble, or limestone, delivered according to your schedule.

  • We’ve got the expertise and technology to handle your complex projects.
  • We can handle your tight deadline with ease.
  • Whatever the challenge, we have the solution.
  • Exceptional precision of each piece of granite we cut for a perfect fit.
  • We have a drafting team trained to produce shop drawings, cutting tickets, and take-offs.
  • To ensure the highest quality on every job, we start by presenting a mockup for approval, and we can even do dry layouts throughout the project as needed.

We have an established distribution network in Canada and the USA for the sale of our products.
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Architectural Stone Products

Cut-to-size, A. Lacroix Granit meets your needs.

Since day one, every action we have taken, every piece of equipment we have bought, and every decision we have made has been to guarantee you quality products, productivity, fast turnaround, and peace of mind.

  • Inventory control when you choose any of the 14 exclusive A. Lacroix Granit colors
  • All imported blocks selected directly from the quarry to ensure quality
  • Long experience with complex, high-volume projects
  • Completely integrated equipment that lets us work the granite from A to Z
  • Highly experienced, versatile employees for greater production line flexibility so we can handle last-minute requests
  • New expertise in manufacturing “honeycomb” panels
  • Exceptional precision of each piece of granite we cut, so even difficult projects can be installed easily and quickly
  • Strict quality control procedures in line with client parameters and tolerances
  • Products delivered to jobsite based on your installation priorities
  • A brand new department for precast wall projects
  • Our spacious warehouse allows dry layouts of up to 10,000 sq. ft. so clients can sign off before delivery

Rough granite blocks

Top-quality granite. Sized to maximize delivery.

  • Rough granite blocks sized to maximize container capacities for cargo delivery
  • 14 colors from granite quarries that are exclusive to A. Lacroix Granit and all located in Quebec
  • Modern extraction techniques that maximize productivity and minimize waste
  • Prompt, reliable sourcing
  • 100% North American materials
  • Helps projects qualify for LEED certification

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Granite Slabs

Granite in exclusive colors.
Top quality, on-time delivery.

  • 14 exclusive colors and a vast selection of imported colors
  • Superior quality granite slabs at competitive prices
  • Ideal dimensions for granite counter fabrication
  • 100% North American materials
  • Known throughout the industry for our outstanding customer service

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Add granite or marble counters to your hotels or condo towers.

Do you plan on using granite tiles for your next major project? Why not add the luxury of granite or marble counters? Granite and marble counters and vanities are sure to add a touch of fashionable chic to reception desks, lobbies, condos, and bathrooms.

  • By choosing North American granite and marble, you can get LEED certification.
  • We have a wide selection of colours to suit your tastes and design requirements.
  • Granite and marble are very hard and last much longer than most other materials.
  • They are also highly resistant to heat and scratches.
  • Granite and marble are natural materials. No glue. No chemicals. An ecological choice.

Do business with a single company for all your granite and marble needs: A. Lacroix Granit!

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Landscape projets

Enjoy granite’s elegance and permanence in your backyard

A. Lacroix Granit has a new line of products available to create distinctive landscaping projects.

This new line of high-end products is especially designed to help architects and landscape contractors express their creativity, and continues our history of expertise in the architectural sector. This know-how transposes into developing luxurious outdoor spaces, leveraging granite’s prestige, purity and durability in pre-designed formats of pavers, steps, edging and curbs.

We offer a selection of colors that is both current and timeless to enhance your projects.

  • Superior quality granite, extracted from our quarries
  • Various sizes for pavers, steps or curbs
  • High-end finish
  • 100% North American products

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Granite tiles

Granite and marble for every taste.
Exceptional service.

  • A brand new tile line operational in July 2016
  • Superior quality granite tiles at competitive prices
  • Prompt, reliable sourcing
  • A wide selection of colors, including 14 that are exclusive to A. Lacroix Granit
  • 6 different finishes: Polished, Honed, Flamed, Brushed, Waterjet, and Thermal Jet
  • 100% North American materials
  • Helps projects qualify for LEED certification
  • Extremely fast production and delivery times
  • Several standard sizes including 12″ x 12″, 16″ x 16″, 18″ x 18″, 24″ x 24″, and even up to 36″ x 36″, with thicknesses ranging from 3/8″ to 2″