A leading granite manufacturer... To help transform your projects into top-shelf reality!

A lot has changed since my family founded A. Lacroix Granit in 1962. And change is critical to adapting to the market.

Today, our 14 granite quarries use cutting-edge extraction techniques to maximize productivity and minimize waste. Our 150,000 sq. ft. plant features the latest in modern technology, including 5-axis numerical-control machines capable of producing the most beautifully shaped stone and complex stone parts on the market. We also use lean manufacturing processes at both our plant and our quarries. And that makes a big difference for our customers!

But one thing has always stayed the same: my family’s passion for granite.

This dedication has been passed on to our 150 seasoned employees and to my 3 children, the next generation of A. Lacroix Granit. Just like my father, my brothers, and myself, they love a good challenge.

So go ahead, get creative. We have the know-how, resources, and drive to transform your ideas into perfectly shaped granite, marble, or limestone masterpieces!

Claude Lacroix, President

A.Lacroix Granit - How it's made ? Corporate video